We offer a fully equipped cottage on Santiago’s road

More and more travelers choose Casa de Marcelo as the perfect place for accommodation where they can rest and pamper themselves on Santiago’s road.

We offer a relaxing space for hikers in the best cottage in Padrón,15km away from Santiago de Compostela. Double rooms, suites and even a triple bedroom fit and adapted for the best comfort, mayor quietude and a well-deserved rest.

Besides, if necessary, we can provide you with with transportation to and from any place on the road. In order to get this, you just have to get in contact with us e and ask for information without any sort of commitment.

Do your feet hurt?

Santiago’s road makes your feet and leg hurt, aside from causing injuries and blisters. In Casa de Marcelo, we have the solution with a unique service of foot care for the travelers and hikers.

If you’re walking through Santiago’s road, your feet hurt and you think you can’t go on anymore… DON’T GIVE UP!. At Casa de Marcelo , you’ll get your strength back, have some rest and take care of those wounds and blisters that hurt so bad.

Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and… FOOT CARE.

No other nearby hotel, pension or cottage offers such a full service. Relaxation, harmony, quietude, along with special and personal treatment are some of the words that describe Casa de Marcelo, the best cottage in Pardón (15km away from Santiago).